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Managed Accounts

Managed accounts, originally created for high-net-worth clients, are now available to most investors. Santander Investment Services provides options for competitively priced managed accounts with an initial minimum investment requirement of $50,000.

Key Information

Why Managed Accounts
There are six potential reasons why you may want to consider this type of investment: 

  • Asset Allocation and Diversification - We will build a strategy around your specific risk tolerance and investment objectives. 
  • Access to Professional Money Managers - You will have access to experienced money managers without a requirement of being a high-net-worth investors or institution.
  • Customization - You have the flexibility to tailor your portfolio to meet specific financial goals. With managed investments, each investor's account is distinct and can be personalized for individual goals.
  • Fee-Based Structure - Our fee-based relationship driven approach bundles trading costs with professional advice, allowing flexible changes in your investment portfolio to meet your changing needs.
  • Tax Efficiency - Portfolios can be built with sensitivity toward tax efficiencies.
  • Transparency - Account holdings are all held under your name.

Managed accounts are a flexible investment vehicle.  You can choose your preferred level of involvement, from hands-on decision making to fully managed accounts.

To learn more, schedule a complimentary review with one of our Financial Consultants today.

While diversification through an asset allocation strategy is a useful technique that can help to manage overall portfolio risk and volatility, there is no certainty or assurance that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall return or outperform one that is not diversified

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