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Retirement Planning

Many of us will spend 20 years or more in retirement. For many, retirement might mean working less-or starting a new business venture. For some, it may mean moving to a different part of the country, or traveling. Proper planning can help you to live the retirement lifestyle you desire. Your Santander Financial Consultant has the experience and skills to help you develop a strategy to meet your personal retirement goals.

Santander Retirement Solutions
Santander Investment Services can offer you a wide range of retirement planning solutions based on your particular needs. A Santander Investment Services retirement account can be an excellent way to keep your savings invested and build an income stream for life.

Options include:

Traditional IRA
Traditional IRAs allow individuals to save and invest for retirement on a tax-deferred—and possibly tax-deductible—basis

Roth IRA
Roth IRAs allow individuals to save and invest for retirement. With a Roth IRA, you make contributions with money on which you've already paid taxes. Your money can then potentially grow tax-free, with tax-free withdrawals in retirement, provided that certain conditions are met.

Rollover IRAs
Rollover IRAs allow individuals with employer sponsored retirement plans, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), to consolidate them into a single, tax-advantaged account. Amounts rolled over may continue to grow tax deferred.

Annuities may protect against market uncertainties such as market performance and inflation rates as well as providing and income stream.

  • Fixed annuities credit earnings at a guaranteed rate on a tax-deferred basis for a specified length of time.
  • Variable annuities offer the opportunity for lifetime income with the ability to participate in the market.


Stretch IRA
This distribution strategy can potentially stretch the tax-deferred benefits of an IRA for future generations.

SEP IRAs allow self-employed and small business owners and their employees to save and invest for retirement with minimal administrative burden.

To learn more about retirement planning and how we can help you get prepared, schedule a complimentary review with one of our Financial Consultants today.

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